Women’s Rights

Women and girls in the United States still face very serious and unacceptable inequality including: unequal pay for equal work, a higher likelihood than men to work low-paying jobs, a lack of paid maternity leave (something all other developed nations have) with assurance of the right to return to their job, inadequate coverage of child-care expenses, and equal representation of their voices and views in government and public discourse. Incidents of men (especially men in positions of power) sexually harassing or assaulting women, successfully covering it up, and facing no consequences for their actions have been endemic and are all too often standard operating procedure. This is immoral. Women, the cornerstone of many families, are pushed into poverty more frequently than men.      

  • Full, fair participation in our society and economy by women will be of immense benefit for everyone.
  • I 100% support equality  for women in all aspects of our lives including equal pay for equal work legislation.      
  • I support a livin (when it becomes  law someday soon), universal health care with all maternity coverage and contraceptives, access to equal training or apprenticeships, and child care support based on income.        
  • I support legislg wage, proportionate benefits for part-time workers such as sick time and maternity leaveation that allows a woman jurisdiction in a higher court if she feels she or her daughter have been victims of  a cover-up by those in authority in the private or public sector including laws requiring jail time for those found guilty and the loss of their job if in the public sector: police, schools, government offices, etc.

I strongly support ending all secret settlements in the private, public, or not-for-profit sector that protect perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment. Facts

  • Women in America are 35% more likely than men to be living in poverty.
  • There is a very strong correlation between women and child poverty. 70% of the nation’s poor are women & children.
  • Thirty-five percent of single women with children live and raise their families in poverty.
  • Two-thirds of low-wage workers, who work in jobs that typically pay $10.50 per hour or less, are women.
  • Four of five women in low wage jobs have a high school degree or higher