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A Letter from Tom Casey

Dear Congressional 27th Citizen,

I believe our country is at a critical crossroads. We can choose to build on our moral foundation, or we can continue to desecrate the values that our founders and many since have risked or given their lives for.  Ours is a country blessed beyond belief. It is time we give thanks, stop political infighting by reducing “the fury of party spirit” that deeply concerned George Washington and live up to the challenge of true democracy.

You can trust me to listen, to not resort to simple talking points, and to help develop policies and laws that reflect the needs of the People . I have worked as a business owner. I have served in municipal governments. I have volunteered countless hours in grassroots organizing and advocacy.  I am the grateful and most fortunate father of four and grandfather of six, soon to be eight.

I believe far more unites us all in a solid moral center than divides us. We need to make 2018 the year America returns to a government “of, by and for the People,” not of the powerful special interests. This will require honestly confronting our problems. We must put the common good before self-serving politics and power. We need to establish an economy that justly values all our workers, putting Main Street before Wall Street.  We must ensure that our communities work for everyone, from the wealthy to the most vulnerable.

Together, we can begin to make the needed reforms by standing on our founder’s shoulders to make this a land of opportunity, “liberty and justice for all.” We owe it to our children.

Please consider volunteering. My goal is to have 1,000 committed campaign volunteers by February 1st. This campaign needs the People to be successful!


Tom Casey  

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