Torture/ Guantanamo

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln opposed torture as a violation of America’s fundamental values.

Over 50 retired admirals and generals, some of whom stood by Obama on his second day of office when he signed the executive order to end torture, shut down secret prisons and begin closing Guantanamo, in letter to him on November, 15, 2015 said “Closing Guantanamo will make Americans more secure and remind the world that we are prepared to live by the rule of law and values we cherish.

Today it is estimated that, of the 780 individuals imprisoned at Guantanamo an absolute maximum of 3.5 to 4% will be found guilty. Most of the remaining have been  held by our country in our name with no charge for over ten years. There are five detainees who have been long cleared for release. Dick Cheney called these 780 men the “worst of the worst.”   It was a lie.

  • I support ending the use of torture in any way by United States citizens or actors as presently required by U.S. law. It was a scare tactic to stir fear for political gain.
  • I support closing Guantanamo and never again opening such a facility.