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Our founders believed in honesty, democracy, equal opportunity, individual rights, and sacrificing for the common good.  They risked their lives and their possessions to establish a government based on these principles. Living, working and volunteering alongside my neighbors in the 27th District, I have come to believe that you share these same values.

Working together with you, I believe that:


We can restore democracy to the People and make their votes count.

By reversing the democracy-destroying concentration of wealth, insuring all our working men and women get a fair share for their labor, reducing the immense influence of special interests and money, adopting term limits, and making it illegal for our elected representatives to ever become lobbyists.

Learn more about my positions on Democracy in action, and promoting participation through legislation: 


We must reduce our country and economy weakening excessive debt.

By reducing spending and establishing fair, responsible, progressive taxation.  


We can build a more secure, safer world for our children.

By reducing our unsustainable debt, setting an example for the world of our founder’s values, listening to the Veterans For Peace and Generals like Dwight Eisenhower who made it clear the use of military force will not bring the peace we desire.


We can together build:

...a healthier economy, protect our environment for our grandchildren, provide healthcare to all, protect social security, improve women’s right, improve our children’s educations, and find common ground on: guns, immigration, abortion and the reduction of poverty.