Opioids and Other Drugs

Drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases and, as such, they should be treated with medical and psychological interventions rather than incarceration. It is critical that we provide medical and psychological treatment to addicts, take steps to improve first responders’ handling of overdoses including the use of Narcan, and destigmatize drug addiction of any type. We are currently experiencing a national crisis of opioid overdoses and deaths, and we are failing to address this epidemic at every level. Portugal’s use of this approach is showing promise and successes. I believe that drug use should be decriminalized, but laws against the sale of illegal drugs must be strongly enforced. The individuals dealing the drugs that are killing so many people should be prosecuted and put behind bars. I am in favor of maintaining strict laws regarding driving while intoxicated or concerning other dangerous activities committed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The sale of drugs should be regulated by the states. The sale of illegal drugs should be criminal.  I oppose federal approval of marijuana until the effects of legalization can be better determined. I support medical prescription by doctors. I support proper warning labeling on the sale or use of marijuana where it is legal.