Casey Announces Run for the 27th District
Tom Casey by Stefan Ludwig Photography in Lancaster NY-22.jpg

Tom Casey, resident of East Aurora in Erie County, will announce that he is entering the race for Congress on Tuesday, November 28th.

“I believe, as our forefathers did, in a government by and for the People. I am running to give the residents 27th District a passionately independent candidate.  In many public stands over the years, I have stood with the residents of the 27th District, putting their deep concerns before special interests, party, and politics,” Casey shared.

Tom listens closely to the people of his community. He believes the heart of good government is honestly championing legislation that serves the people not the special interests.

He will travel the length of the 27th District Tuesday, from Canandaigua to Erie County making visits throughout the district, with two formal announcements.  The first will be in the heart of district, the Village of Warsaw where, beginning in 1974, he worked with the village to solve their sewer problems and he was taught what American democracy is about. He will end the day in front of the Lancaster Town Hall, one of many town halls he will visit when elected to hear the concerns of his constituents.

Casey offered: “Our founders courageously risked their lives to lay the foundation for the United States of America, not for the divided, red and blue States of America we see today. We are at a crossroads, and we must find a way to transcend the political divide. The values our founders established in a government are the foundation we must built on, not destroy, for our children and grandchildren.”

Tom knows from 40 years of working, living and volunteering in the district many voters will support a candidate based on and his integrity regardless of party affiliation, including many of our youth fed up with the status quo who belong to no party. He will be asking the Democratic Committees of the eight counties for their endorsement in February, when he hopes to have hundreds of pledged volunteers.

“This campaign is about the People, our families and our communities. My deepest hope is that on election day, the 27th voters will have a choice, whether myself or others who will, when elected, work hard to restore democracy to the 27th and our country”

Nikki Hitchcock