Jobs and Small Business

Unemployment, underemployment and inadequate family-supporting wages are major issues. The fact that many who work full-time are still unable to make ends meet is wrong. The creation of small businesses is dropping, and the middle class in America is shrinking. When government plays its proper role of insuring a level playing field for free enterprise, every single person is empowered because they benefit from the competition of those businesses trying to earn their dollar. To improve wages and employment we must:

  • Improve trade practices to create fair trade
  • Pass legislation that prevents monopolies and stops the formation of a corporate oligarchy. Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard economist, said  the increase in monopoly power from reduced competition, β€œis widely regarded as one of the major factors slowing innovation and weakening the quality of job growth.”
  • Reduce taxes on small business to increase their chances of survival and growth
  • Support small business by providing stronger government support
  • After five years, give new small businesses a tax credit for each of the following five years they are in business based the number of jobs created
  • Reduce the burden of regulations as described in the section below
  • Increase spending on infrastructure
  • Support green job creation with specific and limited tax incentives until firmly established as an industry.
  • Better serve and protect family-owned, smaller farms
  • Invest in high-value-added research to compete effectively