It’s right there at the base of the Statue of Liberty. We must enact comprehensive, humane, family-supporting, immigration laws including an earned path to citizenship. This is because:

  • We are the fortunate United States of America, founded by immigrants on indigenous peoples’ lands;
  • We have been the cause of some migration through the undercutting of  impoverished foreign farmers and their families with our subsidized beans and corn (Mexico has gone from producing 70% of it food production to 30%, and many of the displaced farmers are now working in the U.S. separated from their families);
  • We have started or led unnecessary wars creating hundreds of thousands of refugees;
  • Immigrants are taking jobs U.S. citizens cannot be found to do;
  • Immigrants benefit our economy and they will be helping pay our social security. We must stop scapegoating the eleven million undocumented people in our country whom our businesses are hiring, and who are contributing to our economy. We need to give immigrants the dignity and opportunities they deserve, and we cannot continue tearing families apart.

I am in favor of

  • Maintaining DACA with an earned path to citizenship

  • Granting undocumented immigrants temporary documented status based on recommendations by employers, independent verification of a law-abiding history, or verified family roles such as stay-at-home father or mother with working spouse, and providing a defined path to earning citizenship

  • I strongly oppose deportation that breaks up families and is applied to workers with a record with an employer who will vouch for them

  • And additionally, I oppose any further construction or funding of Donald Trump’s proposed “wall”.