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About Tom 

 I am running for the 27th District because, in my 40 years of working throughout many counties in this district, I have encountered deep, glaring needs that affect our families and citizens. Before my retirement from engineering, I worked for twenty-eight years, serving in communities and industries as a water supply/wastewater treatment engineer. I was  very fortunate to be a civil servant, a public trust, for twelve years managing the Erie County Department of Public Health’s Environmental Engineering group. I worked hard to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of serving our citizens. 

As a committed community member, I have stood up with others to an illegal Walmart rezoning in Orchard Park. I publicly defended the town’s well-respected, professional planner because she was fired for pointing out that the law was being broken.  For thirteen years, I served as president and member of the St Ann’s Community Center Board in Buffalo, an organization that provided education services to youth in the City of Buffalo. 

As champion of education and strong academics, I served as president of the Orchard Park Citizens Group, a grassroots education reform group that grew to over 400 families in its fight for higher academic expectations and more cost-effective operation. 

I seek to do what truly serves the people, even when it may not be popular or follow one party's agenda, and even when there is vehement opposition by special interests. My public track record shows that I have done this and I will do it again for the people of the 27th District.

To make constructive progress, I pledge that I will not participate in negative, divisive, or dishonest campaigning and that I will respectfully and honestly work with all members of Congress, when elected, to pass needed laws. George Washington, in his farewell speech, expressed hope that his words would “now and then recur to moderate the fury of party spirit.” Over the years, I have been fortunate to see first-hand, working with Jim Woodruff from Genesee County, Ed Mink from the Village of Warsaw, and Tom Perry from the Village of Akron, actions taken for the common good, sometimes in spite of strong opposition. We need to follow the examples set by elected officials who have truly served the people with honesty and integrity.

The 27th District

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