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Casey Crane for Congress

Girls Sports are for Girls! 

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Close the Border 

Illegal Immigration will bankrupt us! 


Fossil Fuels and Renewables 

Diversified Energy Policy = Prosperity. 

Gov't shouldn't tell you what kind of car to drive.

Running in New Hampshire's Second Congressional District

       Primary Election: September 10, 2024    

BREAKING NEWS! Fmr State Rep. Crane Announces the GIRLS' SPORTS NATIONAL PROTECTION BILL, the first of its kind. If elected, this will be her first act Protecting Girls' Sports Nationally. Please sign the petition below to help her protect girls' sports. We need as many signatures as possible to show momentum for this cause. Girls' rights matter!

Various photos from my time in politics in NH.

Meet Casey

Casey Crane has been part of our community for over 25 years. Her son was born here and her parents died here. She is New Hampshire Middle Class. Casey is fighting for some common sense.  She strongly believes Girl's Sports are for Girls!

Illegal Immigration is bankrupting America. She supports and voted for gun rights, parents' rights, home schooling, police and military. Casey is the only Republican candidate running in CD2 to actually WIN a seat and serve During multiple terms as an NH State Representative; Casey brought a dangerous loophole to light regarding sex offenders. She then prime sponsored a  bill which closed a loophole in the sex offenders registry.

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Common Sense Casey Crane for Congress

Primary Election: September 10, 2024

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